X-Treme – Most Powerful Cloud Hosting Plan Free 30 Day Hosting Trial


X-Treme – Most Powerful Cloud Hosting Plan Free 30 Day Hosting Trial

Update January 31, 2018 Our X-Treme plan has been renamed EX-Treme!

Free Dedicated IP And SSH Access Included!


Enhanced Cloud Hosting Stability and Security

Do not worry about your sites hosted on our cloud hosting platform!

the-best-hosting-stability-security-04 DoneRite Domain Name Services has developed our very own cloud hosting platform where performance and stability is a chief concern. Because the server loads are equally spread between multiple physical servers, your websites will continue to load remarkably quick even if the hosting servers are overloaded. This also means that the whole web hosting platform and your websites are much less vulnerable to hacker or DDoS assaults.

Solid–State Drives!

Permanently boost the speed of your website!


Everyone that hosts a website would like to give their web site a speed boost. All you have to do for that is simply to host it with DoneRite Domain Name Services. Our cloud hosting servers are all furnished with solid–state drives, so on every single machine you will benefit from unparalleled read & write speeds, which will make your web site faster than the speed of light.

With the outstanding Internet connectivity provided by each of our cloud hosting Data Center Facilities, your websites will start loading faster without any need for any additional modifications from you.

ModSecurity By Default!

A free, secure and safe firewall software for your website!


All of our cloud hosting plans include free ModSecurity protection by default. ModSecurity is a small Apache module that does a superb job – it acts as a web application firewall, effectively securing all your sites against hack attacks. What is even more everything takes place instantly, without you having to modify or learn to set up anything. Your sites will be defended the very next moment you host them with us!

Free Web Accelerators!

Free Web Accelerators to boost the loading speed of your web sites!

Usefully integrated in the Web Control Panel you will find a number of Web Site Accelerators designed to speed up your dynamic, database driven websites such as WordPress, Magento, Prestashop or Joomla. By caching data, these tools significantly reduce the number of times a database is referred to and thus reduce the server load. This helps all of your websites load faster and it will lower your visitor bounce rates. You will be able to choose between 3 website accelerators – Node.js, Varnish and Memcached. There are no extra charges or fees for using these accelerators with our X-Treme Hosting Plan.

Free VPN Access!

Secure, private web site browsing included free!


If, for some reason, you need to mask your web browsing cyber footprint, we’ve got the right free solution for you. With each of our cloud hosting plans, we include free VPN access and you can have your entire incoming and outgoing online traffic rerouted through one of our VPN data centers. Plus you’ll be able to take full advantage of the exact same Virtual Private Network configurations on just about any device that’s connected online – your desktop PC, your notebook, your phone, etc..

An Unadvertised Free Bonus!

If You Register a New Free Domain or you Transfer a domain to us on our free domain list when you purchase our X-Treme hosting plan, we will register it for you at no addition cost to you every year you renew your hosting plan with us!

Try Our X-Treme Plan With A Free 30 Day Trial Now!

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