X-Tra Cloud Hosting Plan The Best Beginners Hosting Plan


The best beginners hosting plan


Well its about time for a article on our best selling cloud hosting plan, Our eX-Tra Cloud Hosting. This is one of the best beginners cloud web hosting plan on the web today, Why? Because its one of the very few beginners cloud hosting plans you will find at this price that supports 5 domain hosting meaning you can host 5 separate websites at bargain pricing!

Recurring Free Lifetime Domain Names!

recurring-free-domain-names-1Your first domain name is free on us every year you host your website with us on our cloud hosting. Even if you transfer a domain to us purchasing this plan its free every year if its on our promotional free domain list. Select 1 year on our order form when purchasing our X-Tra Cloud Hosting and we will renew it for you every year with no charges to you. This is what we call a recurring free domain name.

Your Website Will Be Hosted On SSD Drives!


SSD storage dramatically reduces page loading times for any website. This is why DoneRite Domain Name Services only uses SSD storage for all of our hosting services. We do not skimp out on providing top quality hardware resources, even for our fledgling or starter web hosting plans so you can be assured that your website loads fast!

Multiple Daily Full Website Backups

multiple-daily-website-backups-1Most hosting providers backup your website once a day, some only once a week! At DoneRite Domain Name Services we back your websites up 4 times a day! Perfect for backing up your dynamic websites. We also provide apps in our control panel for remote backups to Google drive and Dropbox so you can easily keep secure remote backups of your websites without any extra or little charge to you. Perfect for the beginning webmaster whom makes a lot of mistakes!

Our Hepsia Control Panel, Its Fast, Faster Than Cpanelfast-hespia-cloud-hosting

Hespia is one of the fastest web hosting control panels you will have ever used. We have also made sure it will be the easiest control panel you have ever used as well. Need to move a file? Just drag it where you want and drop.

Need to upload a file? Right click and choose upload. The same for downloading a file, just right click it and choose download from the context menu. Hespia works very much like your home desktop computer so you will be up and running in no time!

We could go on and on about why our eX-Tra Cloud Hosting is the very best beginners web hosting plan, this article would be many, Many pages long! DoneRite Domain Name Services encourages you to visit our site and check out the full features of our cloud hosting plans and take our 100% risk free 30 day hosting trial!

Thanks for reading!

DoneRite Domain Name Services

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