Supercharged cloud plans see a long-term, 40-44% price cut!


Supercharged cloud plans at a fantastic low price cut! Get Your Site In The Fast Lane!


Just a few months ago, we started the summer off with a cool, entry-level supercharged cloud plan promo, which still keeps drawing site owners with growing resource needs to our hosting services.

That said, we are ready with a new, long-term supercharged cloud plan price update which puts these 2 low cost fully managed cloud solutions fully in the cheaper unmanaged vps pricing territory!

Starting today, our Webmaster Gold plan is available at a 40% lower wholesale price, whereas our Webmaster Platinum plan – at a 44% lower one. This effectively drops our already low pricing for supercharged cloud hosting to $20 a month USD for webmaster gold and to $30 a month USD for Webmaster Platinum plans.

This price reduction is part of our long-term policy to make our services more and more competitive on the always evolving web hosting market.

What are our supercharged servers about?

Our supercharged cloud servers can be thought of as a powerful fully managed shared hosting plan, which provides website owners with the extra hosting resources they need to manage their resource-demanding websites at a far more reasonable price than dedicated hosting.

A supercharged cloud plan represents a special, ‘middle-of-the-road’ solution crafted for those of you who want to feel less threatened by other users on the same physical machines.

This spares you the need to pay an unreasonably high price for a full-fledged dedicated server when everything you ever needed was just a little more hosting freedom and resources than traditional shared hosting provides.

Technically speaking, a supercharged plan or semi-dedicated server as illustrated below is powered by dedicated servers shared by a very small number of users and and fully managed just like a shared hosting account.


Sharing the available physical space with just a few users minimizes the risk of performance slowdowns resulting from resource overuse or unoptimized sites.

The smaller number of users unlocks for you a much greater chunk of server resources.

You can take advantage of higher resource allocations available to you without having to worry about other users tapping into your own hosting account resources.

Key advantages of moving to a supercharged cloud server

If you are running fast-growing e-commerce sites or web applications, you will sooner or later need to move to a more powerful solution.

Until your projects grow enough and reach the dedicated server expensive costs stage, you can make use of our ‘midway’, supercharged hosting solution.

Following are some of the key advantages of supercharged servers:

· Optimized performance – Our supercharged cloud servers offer up to 5 times more resources than shared hosting accounts do (pumped-up CPU usage quotas, a generous amount of hourly database queries, etc.).


This helps our customers manage resource-intensive sites like forums or online stores and handle a large number of concurrent requests at peak traffic times to their websites and e-stores.

· Iron-clad security – supercharged cloud users can rest assured that their sites and applications are hosted in a stable environment.


Also, you will be able to make use of all the security upgrades that have been introduced to our web hosting platform. Those include the ModSecurity anti-hack firewall, plus lots of anti-virus protection improvements.

This way, our customers will not need to take any security measures on their end to ensure stability and protection from malicious activity.

· A fully managed server solution – just like on our regular cloud servers, all server monitoring and management procedures will be taken care of by our administrators.


Also, routine maintenance tasks will be run regularly to keep supercharged cloud servers up to date with the latest software and hardware security innovations available on the hosting market. This means that you will have plenty of time to focus on your front-end hosting projects.

· A point-and-click Control Panel – managing a supercharged cloud plan is just like managing a regular cloud web hosting account.


Thanks to our Hepsia, point-and-click Control Panel, which comes with each semi-dedicated server package, taking care of your sites and applications will be a real pleasure.

You won’t have to log into an admin console or to configure any Operating System (or other software).

Why choose a supercharged cloud plan over a VPS?

When searching for a more powerful, yet affordable solution for your growing hosting needs, you could also consider an entry-level Virtual Private Server.

Whether you select a supercharged cloud plan or a VPS will depend on your technical experience.

While supercharged servers are fully managed, on a VPS you will have control over your OS and Control Panel installations.

VPS users need to be well-versed in server management in order to achieve performance gains.

Besides, on a VPS you will only get a network uptime guarantee, while the fully managed semi-dedicated solution will give you a peace of mind-ensuring 99.9% service uptime guarantee.

Plus, you will enjoy the same fully dedicated 24/7/365 technical support service as the one provided to our regular cloud hosting account owners.

Check out our Supercharged Plans Here!

Charles Brown
DoneRite Domain Name Services!

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