Domain Sértipikat kapamilikan Ayeuna Sadia Dina DDNS Awan hosting & Ngaran domain! Ensuring a favorable hosting platform for our customers has always been a priority of our cloud hosting services and support team. Now we offer Domain Ownership Certificates to our customers that either purchase or transfer a domain name […]

Domain Sértipikat kapamilikan Ayeuna Sadia!

Suhosin PHP Security Extension PHP is a mainstream programming language that underlies millions of projects on the web Suhosin PHP Security Extension is widely used. Ieu nawiskeun kalenturan coding hébat sarta kompatibel jeung rupa modul anu tiasa manjangkeun kamampuhan na nyata. Sanajan, sakumaha kawasa sakumaha PHP bisa jadi, poor […]

Suhosin PHP Security Extension Supported On Our Hosting Platform

SEO usually comes as an afterthought when you are just starting out with your website. You often either don’t have time to do it yourself or you don’t have the means to hire an expert to carry out the optimization work for you. And when you finally do find time, […]

Attracta SEO Tools Available Unlimited cPanel Reseller Plans

Phalcon The Fastest PHP Framework On The Web Now Available! Speed has a crucial importance in terms of getting higher search engine rankings, whereas performance optimization has become a top priority for the IT industry. The hosting industry and webmaster’s march toward faster load times has fuelled the birth of Phalcon – […]

Phalcon The Fastest PHP Framework Now Available

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Our Domain Manager Now Includes Full Free Email Services! Have you ever wanted your own true custom email for personal or business use but didn’t need a hosting account with it? Buying a domain name from DDNS Cloud Hosting & Domain Names will now give you free email services for […]

Our Domain Manager Now Includes Full Free Email Services

Hirupna bébas Ngaran Domain With A Murah Awan hosting Plan Meuli! Di DDNS Awan hosting & Domain Names you can get a Free Lifetime Domain Name with the purchase of any of our cloud hosting plans. You can even transfer your existing domain to us with a cloud hosting plan […]

Hirupna bébas Ngaran Domain Jeung Murah Awan hosting!

Python Manager Is Now Available In Our Hepsia Control Panel Following the feedback of web developers, we’ve added a new functionality to the Advanced section of the Hepsia Control Panel – the Python Manager. The new Python Manager will allow users to edit the current Python version and to enable Python-compatible applications […]

Python Manager Is Now Available In Our Hepsia Control Panel

** Update ** January 26, 2018! Bébas Email Layanan Jeung Ngaran Domain Pro- NEW! DDNS Awan hosting & Ngaran domain anu ayeuna salah sahiji ti saeutik panyadia hosting nu mere kami boga domain bébas Surelek sareng budi ngaran domain pro maranéhanana tanpa ngabogaan meuli akun hosting! Free email with […]

Ngaran Domain Pro diobral $5.50 A Year

A exploit with the Let’s Encrypt Certificate Authority’s ACME protocol was detected on January 9, 2018. It turned out that by exploiting a vulnerability in the ACME TLS-SNI-01 challenge type, malicious users could obtain SSL certificates for domains they did not control. Let’s Encrypt acted immediately and disabled TLS-SNI-01 support for their SSL […]

Let’s Encrypt TLS-SNI-01 Validation exploit detected, Our Hosting Platform Not ...