.SITE, .WEBSITE, .ONLINE, .STORE and .FUN now free with a cloud hosting plan purchase


Just a month after DDNS Cloud Hosting & Domain Names announced our accreditation with Radix – a fast-growing and prominent nTLD registry, we are now ready with yet another great value for our customers!

DDNS Cloud Hosting & Domain Names can now offer some of the most popular nTLDs on the market – .SITE, .WEBSITE, .ONLINE, .STORE and .FUN, for free with our cloud hosting packages. Keep in mind as long as you host your site on our cloud hosting your domain will be free to you every year.

Why we offer .SITE, .WEBSITE, .ONLINE, .STORE and .FUN domains free with a hosting plan?

The list of free domains that every hosting provider offers has grown stale, meaning that it’s getting harder and harder to find a domain that suits your website and what you want to do with it

nTLDs stormed the already overcrowded domain registration market and marked the beginning of a new Internet era. So we expanded our list of free domains to include some of these nTLDs so you our customer could have a fair chance to find the domain you really want instead of settling for less.

They all came with the mission to provide a relevant web address alternative to everyone looking to launch a personal or a professional site.

nTLDs changed the way we register domain names and gives our online customers a new perspective.

They are all managed by ambitious companies, which invest tons of efforts in popularizing the extensions and making them as affordable as possible.

Thanks to Radix’s flexible marketing policy and hard work, .SITE, .WEBSITE, .ONLINE and .STORE are now among the 25 most sought-after nTLDs on the market and the rankings keep improving.

Here is an overview of those nTLDs and of the marketing potential they hold for you,our customers.


.SITE – launched less than 3 years ago, this multi-purpose nTLD now ranks 11th in the official nTLD registration chart thanks to its explosively growing registration figures.

.SITE brings a wealth of opportunities to everyone wishing to secure a more memorable web address. It is intuitive, instantly recognizable and easy to remember. Also, it allows web designers and developers to feature the subject of their business right in their site name.


Free .WEBSITE Domain

.WEBSITE – considered to be one of the first truly authentic generic domains, .WEBSITE gives site owners a chance to lay hands on a globally recognized name that naturally suits the context of the Internet.

The .WEBSITE extension is perfect for any personal site and can also do a great job for websites offering web design or web development services.

Launched 4 years ago, .WEBSITE now ranks 16th in the nTLD registration chart with almost 250 000 registrations worldwide.


Free ONLINE Domain

.ONLINE – in less than 3 years, .ONLINE has managed to score the remarkable 660,000 registrations, which is a true record for an nTLD extension.

Today, .ONLINE is the 6th most registered nTLD on the market and is largely preferred over other extensions. This is largely due to its global ‘online’ feel, meaningful and hack-friendly nature. Plus, it offers a ‘blank canvas’, using which the registrants can ‘depict’ their uniqueness and promote their future projects.

In terms of global awareness, .ONLINE is the 3rd best-known nTLD and the most popular nTLD in Europe, especially in France, Germany and Poland.


Free Store Domain

.STORE – officially launched just a couple of years ago, .STORE had been an eagerly anticipated domain. The numbers speak for themselves – 10 000 .STORE domains were registered within the first 10 minutes alone!

Its self-indicativeness and commercial feel made it a goldmine for e-stores and brick-and-mortar businesses wishing to ‘authenticate’ their commercial presence and now you can get .store free with a cloud hosting purchase with us.

More than 180 000 .STORE domains have been registered so far, which has helped the extension climb the official nTLD registration chart quickly, reaching the 25th spot in almost no time with the potential to keep moving upward.

Free FUN Domain

.FUN – the youngest of all 5 nTLDs, was launched less than a year ago with the sole purpose of being a dedicated namespace for webmasters offering funny and amusing content.

In only 11 months, .FUN has scored more than 80 000 registrations, which fully substantiates the demand for an entertainment website-friendly extension.

After all, we use the web mostly for… fun, so the demand for .FUN is expected to grow even more.


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