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Benefits Of ResellersPanel Free Reseller Hosting

There are a lot of articles Of ResellersPanel’s free reseller hosting program but none of them go into detail of how this particular hosting reseller program can benefit you, the interested customer. The most important benefit is if you are a newbie and dont know ANYTHING of reseller hosting you can still hit the ground running along with a kick ass website ready to take orders!

2-Tier Affiliate Program

At ResellersPanel, you will find several ways to make money. Their cPanel and Free Reseller Hosting Program solutions allow you to sell web hosting services, such as cloud web hosting accounts, semi-dedicated servers, dedicated servers and Virtual Private Servers. Additionally, you can also use their 2-tier affiliate program to add even more profits to your reseller commission.

By only referring new resellers and customers to any of their two web hosting schemes: the FREE reseller program and the cPanel program, you can earn a 10% lifetime commission on all the sales and renewals following afterwards. In other words, you will receive 10% of each payment coming from a client of a FREE reseller or a cPanel reseller referred by you. We will provide you with marketing tools, including banners and affiliate links, as well.

Considering the variety of services a reseller can offer, you can significantly boost your profits by referring other resellers to our reseller programs.

Advanced Multi-Currency Billing System

With the Free Reseller Hosting Program your only goal as a reseller will be to attract new customers under your own brand name. Resellerspanel will take care of the rest of the work – setting up web hosting accounts and supporting your clients. Again, on behalf of your own brand name.

In order to make this job easier for you, they have developed an advanced custom-made multi-currency billing system. Your clients can pay in any of the 5 available currencies – USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD. This way you will never lose a client on account of their inability to make a payment in USD, for example. You can also set your default currency – if your reseller hosting store is based in London, for example, you can bill your clients in GBP instead of offering prices in USD.

And the web hosting customers are not the only ones who can benefit from that: your reseller commission – the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price of the web hosting plans you have sold – will also be paid to you in your preferred currency. No need to spend additional funds on currency conversion when you receive your long awaited reseller commission.

And all this is coming to you free! No billing fees are required on your part – Resellerspanel covers them all! Simply sell their services and enjoy your fee-free reseller commissions.

Detailed Statistics of your hosting business

To let you always be in full control of your reseller hosting business, Resellerspanel has included a statistics section, which is an integral part of their Free Reseller Hosting Program. There you will find all the tools you need in order to check what is going on with your reseller hosting account at all times. And since you can sell a wide variety of web hosting services –cloud web hosting accounts, semi-dedicated servers, dedicated servers and Virtual Private Servers, you will need all the information for your reseller store you can get.

You will find general website statistics for your reseller store, which will help you keep track of how much unique and rerturning visitors you have. With this knowledge at hand, you can form your marketing strategy and monitor its effects – is it working only to attract new visitors, or does it help you get many returning ones too? Combined with the sales statistics feature, you will have a great overview of your reseller hosting business, just a few clicks away.

And with comprehensive information on all your web hosting clients at hand, you will always be up to date with the status of their accounts and will know if they have any upcoming payments, for example.

Easy Hosting Store Setup and Management

When you offer a product, the golden rule in any business is to make it simple for the users – this way they will be able to get a grip on things much faster. And with the Free Reseller Hosting Program on offer at ResellersPanel, setting up a reseller store is amazingly easy indeed – you can do it in less than 5 minutes. And the result will be a fully functioning web hosting store – the foundation of your own web hosting company.

Moreover, you can create and manage multiple reseller stores from a single reseller account! This way, you can try different advertising campaigns, pricing strategies and offered services to determine which will be the most successful and profitable.

Resellerspanel has prepared several store setup options for you. You can use their advanced, customizable Store Master template that can be launched online within minutes; you can take advantage of their collection of Reseller Hosting WordPress themes; you can build a custom design store connecting it to their system through the available remote forms or use the Reseller API expert solution. In your personal account you can define private brand names for your stores and give short descriptions of your business, including location and direct contact details.

Flexible Reseller Wallet System

If you want to avoid the payment process before having a new service activated, if you want to use the API or if you simply want to get a discount, they have the perfect deal for you – the Wallet tool, which is a part of our Free Reseller Hosting Program.

Resellerspanel’s in-house built wallet scheme provides you the opportunity to have a fee-free checking account with them. By depositing funds in your wallet, you’ll be able to spend them on various reseller or wholesale-priced web hosting services whenever you decide to purchase, for example, a domain name registration/transfer or a Private DNS cluster. With our flexible Wallet System you avoid going through the time-consuming payment procedure whenever you make an order from your Reseller Control Panel.

And the wallet plays an essential part in our Reseller API, allowing you to take complete control over your billing and customer support activities – something, which will guarantee that all your reseller profits will go directly to you, as soon as a purchase is made!

Full Control over Your Customer’s Accounts

The Free Reseller Hosting Program Resellerspanel is offering comes with a very powerful tool – the Reseller Control Panel, which allows you to take complete control not only over your service offerings, but also over your clients.

You will have direct access to each activated customer account via your Reseller Control Panel and will be able to order services from that account at a wholesale price when necessary. At any time you will be able to see which domain names a particular customer is hosting in their account and check if they are using your private name servers. Additionally, you will have the possibility to customize the Upgrades section of your customers’ Web Hosting Control Panel by enabling/disabling separate subsections, such as Renew Plan, Upgrade Plan, etc., and selecting which particular customer accounts those changes should affect. This way, for example, you will be able to promote plan upgrades instead of simple web hosting upgrades.

Also, a list of customer details is displayed should you wish to contact your client for any feedback or promotional offers.

Guaranteed White labeled Service Branding

Resellerspanel’s Free Reseller Hosting Program ensures a rich climate and amazing conditions for you to build up, develop and boost your own private web hosting company. And the best part is that you will enjoy a complete web hosting branding service – no one will ever doubt the fact that you are anything short of a huge hosting provider.

Each reseller will receive a free online store, the turn-key Store Master template and a subdomain, which they can use to offer web hosting services. The template can be modified to your liking with custom color themes, and dynamic page layout.

And everywhere they look, your clients and store visitors will see your brand name – it will be featured on all documents, inside their Web Hosting Control Panel, and on the name and mail servers they’ll have to use – if they’ve chosen a Private DNS cluster service. At no point will a customer or store visitor be led to believe that you are a reseller.

Free Semi-Dedicated Server Reseller

Usually, to become a reseller of dedicated services, you have to make a serious initial investment and wait for it to pay off over time. With the Free Reseller Hosting Program offered by ResellersPanel, all you have to do to become a semi-dedicated server reseller is to sign up – no special skills are required and no initial investments. From that moment, you can sell semi-dedicated servers from a web hosting store powered by their turn-key Store Master template, or from your custom website – with the help of provided remote forms and the Reseller API tool.

To boost your reseller profits, you can also sell dedicated servers, virtual private servers, cloud web hosting accounts and domain names services. For all of them, you will not be required to make any payments in advance – you can start selling them at any moment you choose, by just naming a custom price on top of their wholesale price. Your profit will be the difference between your retail price and the wholesale price of the product.

And to help you even further, Resellerspanel will provide 24/7/265 support on behalf of your brand name and provide you with detailed statistics about your reseller business.

Top Quality Cloud Web Hosting Services

To be successful in the web hosting business, you will not only have to provide attractive offers, but you will also have to provide stable web hosting servers.

And when Resellers Panel says that they will take care of the server stability while you take care of finding customers, They stand behind their words. Resellers Panel has been in the web hosting business since 2003 and couldn’t have survived had their servers been unstable.

Each cloud web hosting account comes with a custom Hepsia Web Hosting Control Panel, which is developed by Resellerspanel and which is specially optimized to run on their web hosting servers. This means that each user will have a seamless experience when browsing through the Control Panel’s features.

Each web hosting server is running Linux and Apache – one of the most popular hosting platforms, famous for its stability, while Quad Core Intel Xeon Processors are taking care of all server operations.

And their Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers don’t fall behind – They are using only top-quality components during the server setup to ensure the smooth functionality of these servers.

24/7/365 Customer Support

One of the great benefits of the Free Reseller Hosting Program is that it allows you to stay away and market your services, not get involved with all the hard work, usually required when running a web hosting enterprise. You don’t have to deal with billing issues, you don’t need to get involved with server setup and, most importantly, you don’t have to take care of customer support – all this will be handled by Resellers Panel, on behalf of your own brand name!

What’s even more, Resellers Panel provides a 1-hour support response guarantee – a member of their staff will contact any of your customers or you the reseller in less than an hour after their original request has been received. You can use this great feature as a strong selling point when you start searching for future customers.

And this response time guarantee applies not only to cloud web hosting accounts, but to virtual private servers, dedicated servers and semi-dedicated servers, too! This way, you can just sit back, relax and rest assured that all your customers are in good hands.

Free Dedicated Server Reseller

With the Free Reseller Hosting Program on offer at Resellers Panel, you will find the best, and the most cost-effective way to become a dedicated server reseller. You will not have to make any initial investments, be an expert in server administration or posses any special skills.

Their unique reseller web hosting approach allows you to have your own web hosting company and work as a dedicated server reseller after just a simple, free signup procedure. Once you are a member of Their Free Reseller Program, you will be able to sell dedicated servers without ever having to purchase them first. All you will have to do to make a profit out of them is to name your own retail price on top of our wholesale price. The difference between the two prices will be your profit whenever you make a sale.

And to make things even easier for Reseller Panel resellers, you can also sell virtual private servers, semi-dedicated servers, cloud web hosting accounts and domain names. To sell them, you can use our turn-key Store Master front-store template. You can also use your own custom site thanks to remote forms and the Reseller API functionality.

Detailed Statistics of Your Reseller Hosting Business

It is important to always be aware of what is going on with your website and when you are running a web hosting store, this is twice as important. That is why Resellers Panel offers a complete set of statistic tools with its Free Reseller Hosting Program to keep you informed of everything going on with your reseller store or clients.

For example, the Traffic Stats tool will allow you to see how many unique visitors your store has each day, and how many of those unique visits made repeated visits. This can tell you a lot about your site – if it is interesting or not, if people come, but never return, etc.

The Payment Stats tool will let you see a detailed breakdown of all the sales you have made during a given period – new sales, upgrades and renewal payments. And you will also be able to see the exact profit from each sale.

There are also Affiliate Stats, Hosting Stats, Domain Stats and General Stats sections – to keep you up to date with everything that is going on with your store, your clients and your affiliates.

Everyone is Eligible – no special skills required

One of the most important things about the Free Reseller Hosting Program offered by ResellersPanel is the fact that it is available to everyone. There is no need to be a specialist in PHP, a system administrator, or an adveritising genious – you can become a web hosting reseller with us without any specific knowledge required.

Your job will be to attract clients. They will handle all the rest – support the customers, set up the servers, take care of sale verification procedures, etc.

There are also no initial investments required – with their reseller program you will receive all the tools you need to succeed – a free online store, a free subdomain and a variety of web hosting services to sell – cloud web hosting accounts, semi-dedicated servers, dedicated servers and Virtual Private Servers.

Free Reseller Program – No Investments Required

A reseller hosting program must not only be easy to use, it has to be actually profitable. If you can’t turn a reseller program into profit, then you are unlikely to use it anymore. At ResellersPanel, you will find a Free Reseller Hosting Program which you can make money without the need to make investments, deposits or to pay any reseller fees.

How does it all work? Under their program, you will resell their web hosting services – cloud web hosting accounts, semi-dedicated servers, dedicated servers and Virtual Private Servers, without having to purchase them beforehand. This way, you can create your own web hosting company without any initial investments.

Resellers Panel will support all your customers and take care of server management, sales verification and all other activities a web hosting company is involved with. All that will be left to you is find potential customers – and with the variety of web hosting services you will be able to offer, this will not be hard at all!

Full Control over Your Hosting Service Offerings

Being a web hosting reseller is all about control – over your account and over your customers. And with the Free Reseller Hosting Program introduced by ResellersPanel, you can enjoy being in full control over your service offerings, their prices, your reseller account and your clients.

Using the user-friendly interface of your Reseller Control Panel, you can easily manage all the features of your hosting service offerings. You can customize your store’s currency, choosing between the five most widely spread currencies on the web hosting market – USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, AUD. You can set up prices for the services you are offering and modify them at any time in line with the latest market tendencies. And last, but not least, you can define the type of the web hosting services are offered on your web hosting store – cloud web hosting accounts, semi-dedicated servers, dedicated servers, virtual private servers – and set a custom price on each web hosting service you are offering.

And at any moment you can completely update all your details – this will be reflected on your turn-key hosting store immediately.

Professional Private Label Options

With the Free Reseller Hosting Program They have, you can create your own web hosting company within minutes. And in order to run a successful web hosting company, you will have to hide well the fact that you are a hosting reseller. And Resellers Panel will give you the necessary tools to do that.

You can get a domain name at a discounted price. This way, you can match the name of your web hosting store with your site so that the customers will find it much, much easier using search engines and direct linking. Also, sometimes the right domain name makes a customer decide if they want to join you or not.

You can also take advantage of Their Private DNS Cluster offer. With it, all your clients will use Name Servers based on your chosen domain. This way, they will never suspect that you are anything short of an independent web hosting company.

Additionally, you can modify the looks of your turn-key Store Master template, thus make your website more distinctive.

And if you don’t want to use any of Reseller Panels’s turn-key templates, you can take advantage of their remote order forms and Reseller API tool, both of which will allow you to integrate the web hosting services otherwise offered on the templates with your existing website.

Virtual Private Server Reseller

Our Free Reseller Hosting Program is the easiest way for you to become a Virtual Private Server reseller. With any other VPS reseller program, you will be required to purchase the servers before you start selling them. With our Free Reseller Program, you don’t have to worry about that – you are not required to purchase the servers prior to reselling them.

All that you have to do in order to make a profit from our Virtual Private Servers is to set a custom price on each of the servers. The difference between the retail and the wholesale price of each VPS will be your profit.

In addition, with our Free Reseller Program you can also sell dedicated servers, semi-dedicated servers, cloud web hosting accounts and domain name services – without having to purchase them beforehand.

A Simple Hosting Reseller Business Model

In order to make a product successful, you need to present it as simply as possible – so that everybody can understand how to use it. This is the approach Resellers Panel have taken with Their Free Reseller Program – keeping things simple for the Reseller. And this is why our business model works so efficiently.

There is not a lot you have to do as a reseller – all you need to do will be to advertise the web hosting services you are offering. Resellers Panel will take care of the rest – set up the servers and keep them running, support your customers and handle sales verification procedures – all that – on behalf of your own brand name.

And when looking at the variety of web hosting services you can offer – cloud web hosting plans, semi-dedicated servers, dedicated servers, Virtual Private Servers – it gets obvious that you can become a prosperous hosting services reseller.

And you can use an array of keywords to advertise your web hosting offers to reach an even broader audience. Instead of advertising just “virtual private servers”, you can try with “discounted virtual private servers” or “cut-price virtual private servers”.

If you give it a try, you will see with your own eyes how easy it is to have your own, successful web hosting company.

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