Reconfigured Line Of Low Priced Dedicated Servers


Reconfigured Low Priced Dedicated Servers!

Dedicated servers lie at the heart of marketing with any quality web hosting service.dedicated-servers-ssd-low-prices

Due to a dedicated servers ability to offer maximum amounts of web hosting resources and utmost levels of flexibility, they can make any website possible for the webmaster who is well versed in server management.

DDNS Coud Hosting has reconfigured our dedicated server offerings and now offers a wider choice of dedicated server solutions to our customers at much more lower prices.

We Now Offer 11 Preconfigured Dedicated Servers Instead Of 3

Up till now, DDNS Cloud Hosting has been offering 3 HDD-based dedicated server configurations – an entry-level, Intel Atom-driven setup and two more advanced AMD Opteron-powered servers.

After a thorough analysis of our customers’ demands and the current market trends, we’ve extended our existing line of dedicated servers, which now includes more packages, all of them SSD-based.

Due to the strong interest in our entry-level Atom series, we’ve added 2 more SSD-equipped, Atom-driven configurations offering higher CPU and RAM allocations.

Also, we’ve added 6 brand new SSD-equipped, Intel Xeon-powered server configurations for more demanding webmasters who need much faster loading speeds and server resources for their projects:

What are the advantages of SSD-equipped servers?

Despite their higher prices, SSDs outperform HDDs in terms of data reading/writing capabilities.

You can see how our SSD-equipped dedicated servers compare against HDD-equipped servers and learn more about the benefits of getting an SSD-powered hosting solution from DDNS Cloud Hosting from the image below.

Our administrators have compared regular enterprise-grade SSDs against professional HDD (SAS) drives capable of reaching speeds of 10,000-15,000 rpm (revolutions per minute). On the figure below, you can check the resulting performance benchmark figures:


Intel Atom-driven dedicated servers

Budget Intel Atom-based dedicated servers are a great starting point for users who are just stepping into the field of self-hosted solutions.

With our two newly added setups, we will now be able to offer a complete range of Atom-driven server solutions to our customers:


Our new SSD-equipped Atom 2 and Atom 3 packages offer 8 GB of DDR3 RAM and 10 TB of monthly traffic!

AMD Opteron-powered dedicated servers

Our two existing AMD Opteron-based dedicated servers feature the same hardware parameters, but now boast much more affordable prices:


Our Retail Prices Have Dropped By Up To 63%!

Apart from implementing a substantial expansion of our portfolio of our budget dedicated servers with new powerful setups, we’ve also reconsidered the pricing levels of our existing configurations to create a fully competitive line of dedicated packages in terms of features and cost to you!




Server Availability And Product Policies

Depending on the particular dedicated server availability in our partnering data centers, the dedicated server packages may have specific stock numbers at any given moment.

Dedicated server packages that are not currently available for ordering will also feature an ‘Out of stock’ label in place of the ‘Order’ button on our website.

Currently, DDNS Cloud Hosting is working on implementing an easy disk space addition mechanism on the order form for all 8 dedicated server setups that support expandable storage. We’ll make a post when this new feature is ready..

** Update **

New expandable storage features are now available for our dedicated servers!

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