Our Domain Manager Now Includes Full Free Email Services


Our Domain Manager Now Includes Full Free Email Services!

Have you ever wanted your own true custom email for personal or business use but didn’t need a hosting account email-included-in-our-domain-managerwith it? Buying a domain name from DDNS Cloud Hosting & Domain Names will now give you free email services for your new domain name without purchasing one of our hosting accounts! Read on below for more of this exciting news!

2018 has only just begun, but at DDNS Cloud Hosting & Domain Names we are already working hard to complete all the service upgrade projects that have remained unfinished.

One of the most sought-after features last year was the integration of an email service into our Domain Manager plan.

Our domain manager now includes the options to create and manage mailboxes and send/receive emails, just like our regular web hosting accounts do, thus taking our Domain Manager plan one step closer to the ‘real deal’ hosting service.

What is our Domain Manager Free Email upgrade about?

The Domain Manager plan is the smallest of all the packages on our platform and it targets a specific online niche – namely the many people who do not need or are not yet ready to commit to one of our fully fledged hosting accounts but would like to have a true personalized email address for business or personal use.

This allows for our customers to order sole domain name registrations/transfers and to manage all of them from one and the same place without the need to invest in a web hosting account to achieve that.

So far, our domain name owners have only been able to register and transfer domain names and to edit some basic settings (Whois details, name servers, domain parking pages, etc.) for hosting accounts, either with us or a hosting account with a different provider.

The integration of free email services into our Domain Manager plan now takes it to a whole new usage level for any of our customers!

It allows our domain owners to send and receive electronic messages, i.e. to make actual use of their domain names.

This way, our clients can have personalized email addresses for their personal or business needs right from the start.

Why is this email upgrade so valuable?

The addition of free email services to our Domain Manager plan represents a great selling point for our customers needing just email services for their domain name.

Here are its two key advantages:

  • added value for our domain owners

Our Domain Manager integrated free email services gives our domain owners the option to manage their emails through us for no other costs other than their domain name. Should you wish to host your own website at a later date purchasing a hosting plan is quick, simple and painless through your domain manager.

This email upgrade is targeted to our customers wishing to avoid the hassle and the expense of building and managing a full-blown website just to have custom mailboxes for business or personal use.

After all, the cost a year for a domain name with included free email is much more affordable than a domain plus a hosting account per year and this is exactly what we are offering you.

Prime Use Example:

If, for example, you arе a mom and pops business and do not want to invest in a website for the time being, you can register a domain (e.g. mom-pops.com) via the Domain Manager and add a mailbox under it (e.g. info@mom-pops.com). This way, you can keep in touch with your potential customers using your personalized email address.

  • upgrade to a hosting plan instantly when needed

Allowing our domain owners to start creating emails under their purchased domains gives them the chance to sample our hosting services that we are offering and to build trust with our brand DDNS Cloud Hosting & Domain Names.

We feel that experiencing our customer service and support first hand will encourage upgrades to full fledged hosting accounts with us when our domain owners decide they are ready to manage a website.

How to make use of the new email services?

The new emailing functionality is available to all new and existing Domain Manager plan users.

You will recognize it by the Mails icon on the domain management dashboard’s index page.


Once you’ve clicked on it, you’ll be taken to the well-known Email Manager interface, which is accessible to all regular web hosting account owners who are using the Hepsia Control Panel.


From there, our customers will be able to create their mailboxes, to set up email forwarding and autoresponder messages, to create mailbox spam filters, etc., i.e. you will be able to perform all important email management.


By taking into account the regular email usage on our platform, we’ve set specific quotas with respect to the maximum number of mailboxes and the total amount of email storage space.

This way, we’ll prevent the use of the emailing functionality for abusive purposes and will cater only to customers’ real personal or business email hosting needs.

Our customers can find more details in the Account usage section of their Domain Manager accounts.

Thanks for reading,
Charles Brown
DDNS Cloud Hosting & Domain Names

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