Domain Ownership Certificates Now Available!


Domain Ownership Certificates Now Available At DDNS Cloud Hosting & Domain Names!

Ensuring a favorable hosting platform for our customers has always been a priority of our cloud hosting services and new-domain-ownership-certificatessupport team. Now we offer Domain Ownership Certificates to our customers that either purchase or transfer a domain name to us.

From scalable cloud hosting to the most affordable domain names or even the most powerful dedicated servers – we are doing our best at DDNS to make sure that your website is online all the time and loads the fastest possible for your site visitors.

Today, we are glad to reveal yet another small feature that will help our customers increase their professional brand awareness, namely our new domain ownership certificates.

These new domain ownership certificates will be delivered to any customer of ours who has registered a new domain, has renewed their existing domain, transferred a domain to us or has updated their domain’s WHOIS settings.

What Are Our Domain Ownership Certificates?

Our domain ownership certificates are still fairly new to the hosting market,  something which will give our customers something new and special to hang on their wall to wow customers and  friends alike.

The main purpose of our domain ownership certificates are to substantiate the ownership of a given domain name in a appealing professional way.

Each of our domain registrants will be issued a professionally designed certificate even if the website associated with their new domain is not yet ready.

It can be printed, framed and placed on the respective registrant’s office wall, for example.

Each certificate will display the following information:

  • the domain owner’s name;
  • the domain name that has been registered/renewed;
  • the domain’s validity period


Apart from the above listed details, we will also include the name of our business from which the given domain name has been registered.


This way, every time a customer of ours looks at their certificate, they will not only see their domain’s expiration date, but also the name of the hosting company they registered their domain at.

In an effort to encourage using Whois protection services, we’ve included a small, non-intrusive notice in the lower right corner of each certificate, which indicates whether the private WHOIS data associated with the given domain is protected or not.

When are the domain certificates issued?

There are four occasions for which a domain ownership certificate can be issued, as follows:

A domain registration – each customer of ours who has successfully registered a new domain name will receive a certificate acknowledging this:

A domain renewal – the above mentioned certificate will be re-issued once the given domain has been renewed; it will feature the new expiration date and the text will be slightly modified:

This way, our customers will always have an up to date domain ownership certificate, which indicates the current status of their domain name;

A WHOIS update – as soon as the registrant’s WHOIS details are updated, a certificate that reflects the change will be issued;

Customers who have renewed their domains or have updated their WHOIS details can simply discard their current domain ownership certificates, since they will be re-issued anyway.

A Domain Name Transfer– as soon as the registrant’s domain is transferres to us, a certificate that reflects the changes will be issued;

All domain ownership certificates will be sent to the registrant’s email address specified in the respective WHOIS records.

Future plans for the domain ownership certificates

For the time being, domain ownership certificates are delivered to customers by email only and are not visible in the Hepsia Control Panel.

We plan to make them available inside the Hepsia Control Panel in the near future. This way, our customers will be able to download their respective domain ownership certificate anytime they want.

Charles Brown,
DDNS Cloud Hosting & Domain Names

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