Phalcon Der schnellste PHP Framework jetzt verfügbar


Phalcon Der schnellste PHP Framework auf dem Web ab sofort verfügbar!

Geschwindigkeit hat eine entscheidende Bedeutung im Hinblick auf die höhere Suchmaschinen-Rankings, während LeistungsPhalcon schnellste-PHP-Hosting optimization has become a top priority for the IT industry.

The hosting industry and webmaster’s march toward faster load times has fuelled the birth of Phalcon – a solution, which offers a brand new approach to improving website performance.

Learn more about the Phalcon framework, the advantages it can bring to your online projects and how you can make use of it on our web hosting platform.

Some Quick History Of Phalcon

Originally released in 2012, Phalcon is an open-source PHP web application framework licensed under the terms of the BSD License.

It was created by Andrés Gutiérrez who came up with a new speed-focused PHP web app framework development approach.

The name of the framework itself came as no surprise, since falcons are among the fastest animals on Earth.

Unlike most PHP frameworks, Phalcon was conceived as a web server extension.

Written in Zephir and C, it’s based on the model–view–controller (MVC) pattern.


Since Phalcon’s first release, its developers have kept improving the framework by adding new performance-boosting features. One such example is the Volt template engine.

Phalcon’s first PHP 7 support-inclusive LTS release was introduced on 29 July 2016. It’s also the framework’s latest stable version thus far.

SemVer will be relied upon in the future as well.

Phalcon’s key advantages over more common PHP frameworks

Phalcon hat als der schnellste PHP-Framework auf der Web-Popularität schnell gewonnen.

Und das zu Recht, seine fliegenden Start und die Anzahl von Verbesserungen an der Architektur unter Berücksichtigung in so kurzer Zeit.

Errichtet als Web-Server-Erweiterung nicht als Stand-alone-PHP-Framework, Phalcon ermöglicht eine revolutionäre Performance-Optimierung.

Hier sind die wichtigsten Gründe, warum Phalcon hat sich die Go-to-Lösung für Geschwindigkeit orientierte Webprojekte:

  • Gesteigerte Ausführungsgeschwindigkeiten

Dank des innovativen Kodierung Konzept, Phalcon allows for more HTTP requests to be processed per second (compared to similar frameworks written primarily in PHP), which lowers execution times drastically.

  • Reduced resource usage

Phalcon allows you to keep CPU and memory consumption at a minimum.

  • Accelerated website performance

The lowered execution and load times will accelerate your site’s overall performance, which will, in turn, lead to better search engine rankings and increased click-through rates.

Phalcon hosting enabled on our platform

Unlike the regular PHP frameworks, Phalcon cannot be readily installed.

You will need root access to the server to make use of it.

We’ve implemented a Phalcon-friendly environment on our platform in order for you to get the best performance out of your Phalcon-sped website.

You can enable Phalcon for your speed-sensitive projects from the PHP Settings section of your Control Panel:

Bitte beachten Sie, dass Phalcon alle PHP unterstützt die Versionen von 5.5 forward:


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