Cyber Monday Web Hosting Deals Through December!!


Cyber Monday kicks in with an up-to-30-percent discount on our ‘ATOMic’ dedicated servers and more!

The holiday season’s shopping spree kicks off on Black Friday and continues on with Cyber Monday, so it’s justatom-dedicated-servers-supercharged-hosting-cyber-monday-promo about time for us to open up the box of special winter deals.

Starting today, our entry-level Atom dedicated servers will be available at a lifetime discount of up to 30%.

Read further below to learn more about our new exclusive Cyber Monday price reductions!

Why have we slashed our prices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday weekend, which starts the holiday season off with a bang, will climax on Cyber Monday. And Cyber Monday pricing will continue on until the end of December for for our hosting services!

Though the year end shopping craze gives buyers amazing opportunities to strike a good hosting bargain, it’s really a short-lived hype everyone has to wait all year long for.

To capture the ‘cyber monday craziness’ of this holiday season, we’ve introduced several hosting pricing discounts that will help you monetize your hosting and website efforts as a webmaster in the long run.

Starting immediately, our customers will be able to take advantage of a substantial lifetime price bargain on all three of our Atom based dedicated server setups.


As you can see from the image above, our Atom 1 configuration is now available at a 17% discount, our Atom 2 servers price has been reduced by 20%, whereas the price of our Atom 3 dedicated server plan has been discounted – by a whopping 30%! Additional discounts are available if you order quarterly of semi-annual as well to save even more money!

This price reduction is part of our long-term policy to make our hosting offerings more competitive for you, our customer.

How powerful are our Atom-based dedicated servers?

The Intel Atom-powered server range represents a great entry-level solution for light processing tasks.

From a hardware point of view, the Atom-based servers are small-sized, low-powered and virtually silent machines offering fast sleep/wake features.

The Atom 2 and Atom 3 configurations are equipped with SSD drives that practically have no moving parts for ultimate reliability.

Our lowest energy-consuming selection of dedicated servers is perfect for hosting small and medium-sized business applications that do not require a lot of processing power or large storage capacity.

It’s also excellent for anyone wishing to run, say, a testing/remote backup server, an office file server or a lightweight web server.

Cyber Monday Supercharged Hosting Deals!

Lets Not forget about our Supercharged Cloud Hosting on Cyber Monday! The power and resources of a VPS in a hosting package as easy to use as any shared hosting plan you have ever had! Fully managed by our competitive tech staff 24/7/365! How about $5 a month for 3 months to start you and your website out right? Just because its cyber monday!


Cyber Monday Deals On Unmanaged VPS Plans!

If you have some server management skills, Hows this for for a cyber monday hosting deal?

3 months on any of our unmanaged VPS plans for $1 a month! You cant beat this cyber monday deal for a vps plan!


Cloud Hosting Plans With A 30 Day Free Trial!

Even though we do not have a active Cyber Monday promotion on our cloud hosting plans, we think its worth a mention that we provide a risk free 30 day trial on all our cloud hosting plans that does not require a credit card to test drive our cloud services. Not many hosting providers provide a free trial like this!


All in all This is a great cyber monday sale that will save you a boatload of money in your web hosting future!

Thanks for reading!


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