Cheapest Top Domain Names Now $3.50 A Year!


Cheapest Top Domain Names Now $3.50 A Year!

** Update** January 26, 2018! Free Email Services With Top Domain Names- NEW!

DDNS Cloud Hosting & Domain Names is now one of the few hosting providers that gives our domain owners free Email with their Top domain without having to purchase a hosting account! Free email with your new TOP domain is Great for the mom and pop business that does not need a website or the person that just wants a custom email address under their own domain! Includes Webmail, POP3 and IMAP email services. Read Our Blog Post

The recently launched nTLDs have caused a huge shift in the domain industry. No longer bound to broad-sense cheapest-top-domain-namesextensions like .COM and .CO, website owners can now choose to have an address that speaks the language of their online mission.

Domain extensions like .NEWS, .CLUB, .SPACE and .XYZ make it easier for your website visitors to learn exactly what you are offering, allowing you to get your message across much quicker.

With our newly added cheapest TOP domain names, we go up a level – now our customers can tell their site visitors that whatever they are offering is of TOP quality.

What is specific about .TOP domains?

.TOP is managed and operated by the .top registry, which is affiliated with Jiangsu Bangning Group in Nanjing, China.

It was officially delegated in ICANN’s New gTLD Program on August 4, 2014, and opened for public registration later the same year.

Due to its syntax and the number of international and domestic (Chinese) investors it has attracted, .TOP is among the fastest-growing nTLDs on the market today.

On the very day it was opened for registration, .TOP passed the 10,000-domain threshold, and just a year later this number jumped up as high as almost 600,000:


This remarkable progress pushed .TOP into the top 10 of the official nTLD chart where it currently ranks 2nd, right after .XYZ:


What sites is .TOP fit for?

In contrast to most nTLDs, which are dedicated to certain interest niches, .TOP has a more generic purpose – namely to represent ‘the TOP of the cream’ in any industry or niche.

For the last year, .TOP has become a synonym of big brands and quality products and services and has been employed by various businesses in more than 100 countries and regions.

Many leading brands like Apple, Baidu, Chrome, Flickr, Google, Yahoo, etc. have trusted .TOP to represent them.

And since .TOP is open for registration to anyone, why not join the league of top performers with your own .TOP driven website?

Registration details about .TOP domains

.TOP is open for registration to anyone for a period of 1-10 years. The registration process is quick and simple, with no special requirements to follow.

.TOP domain names that have been registered with another registrar can be transferred over to us at the same price. An EPP key is required for the transfer to complete successfully.


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