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Cheap Unlimited cPanel Reseller Hosting!

Statistics at Resellerspanel show that the web hosting market is still hungry for ‘unlimited’ web hosting resources, so they have expanded their cPanel reseller hosting plans potential to help you keep up with this ever-growing trend. Their new line of ‘unlimited’ cPanel web hosting packages is a great solution for those of you who want to offer a competitive cpanel reseller service on the unlimited hosting resources hungry hosting market.

Resellerspanel’s new cpanel reseller plans offer unmetered amounts of disk space and monthly traffic, as well as unlimited hosted domainsdatabasesFTP accounts, email addresses, etc. In other words, you will be able to appeal to the mass user by offering unlimited resources for their sites, apart from the impeccable hosting service in the background and the good selection of site management features, typical for the cPanel web hosting market. Depending on the cPanel plan, you will be able to manage between 70 and 210 customers under one reseller account.

As a reseller, you will also get unlimited disk space and traffic, as well as a free dedicated IP address for your own reseller store. Additionally, you will gain access to the Softaculous Scripts Installer, through which you will be able to install popular web applications. You will lay hands on the RVSiteBuilder too. A free domain reseller account with eNom and a free copy of the ClientExec support & billing software are included with each package as well. For now, the unlimited cPanel reseller hosting packages are available in the USA data center only. Here is an overview of the resources, features and free bonuses included with each Unlimited cPanel plan:


Their new line of ‘unlimited’ cPanel hosting plans at Resellerspanel are a great solution for resellers who want to offer a competitive service on the unlimited feature-happy hosting market. Their unlimited cpanel reseller hosting plans offer unmetered amounts of disk space and monthly traffic, as well as unlimited hosted domains, databases, FTP accounts, email addresses, etc. Depending on the plan, you can manage between 70 and 210 customers under one reseller account.

The cPanel unlimited reseller hosting plans offer bonus disk space and traffic resources and a free dedicated IP address for your own reseller store. You will also get exclusive free reseller bonuses, among them Softaculous Script InstallerRVSiteBuilder, a free domain reseller account, etc.


As a valued cPanel reseller partner at resellerspanel you will get a host of free reseller bonuses which will give you all the resources that you need to kickstart your hosting business:

A FREE eNom Domain Reseller Account

Resellerspanel provides you with a domain reseller account with eNom for free. It will allow you to become a full-fledged domain reseller and to register domain names for you and for your customers at a discounted price. eNom usually requires a deposit of $500.00 to open such an account. With us, you will get this domain reselling privilege for free.

FREE Billing And Client Support Software

Resellerspanel’s inclusion of the ClientExec billing & support software will allow you to more efficiently manage and support your clients. It includes a fully integrated support ticket system, which offers all critical features necessary to provide a reliable and effective customer service, as well as the option to invoice your customers automatically at billing cycles of your choice.

Free Softaculous Script Installer Software

Softaculous is a very popular free scripts installer, which is conveniently integrated into the cPanel Control Panel for you and your clients to use. It allows for a quick and smooth installation of more than 320 applications and will handle all setup and configuration procedures in the backend for you.

Cpanel Is A Industry-Leading Control Panel

As resellerspanel’s cPanel reseller partner, you’ll get a license to distribute the cPanel Control Panel to your customers. This is the most popular web hosting interface on the market at the moment and is the preferred choice for thousands of users.

Free Reseller Hosting Website Themes

Each cheap cpanel reseller plan at resellerspanel comes with a set of free website templates, which you can use for your reseller hosting store. These themes are fully customizable, so you can fine tune any of the design, content and seo to your taste and make your store distinctly recognizable as your brand online.

FREE Domain Hosting

With each of resellerspanel’s cheap cPanel reseller hosting packages, you will receive bonus disk space and data traffic for your own reseller hosting store. This way, you won’t have to use the resources our plan provides for your store, you can use them all entirely for your customers.

Free Attracta SEO Tools

Each cpanel hosting account comes with the free, cPanel Control Panel-integrated Attracta SEO tools. With their help, webmasters can get a jump-start in off-page SEO.

Free Hosting Account Migrations

To speed up your reseller hosting venture with resellerspanel, they will help you move your existing customers over to their hosting platform. Their technicians can migrate up to 10 hosting accounts from your previous reseller hosting provider to their cpanel servers. This site migration service is completely free of charge.



All of resellerspanels cPanel servers in their US data center and UK data center offer a 99.9% server and network uptime. They have achieved this by using reliable server hardware and top-grade network components. Also, in both data centers, they have deployed a custom, carrier-independent internal network and have installed a customized server monitoring software with live alerts set up to go to all network admins in case of a possible outage.

Available in Their US Data Center

If your customers are from the USA, Canada or Latin America, you should select Resellerspanel’s state-of-the-art data center in Chicago, Illinois. It is owned by the well-known US company SteadFast Networks, which provides the necessary physical environment to keep the servers up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Available in their UK Data Center


If your customers are from Europe, Africa or Asia, check out Resellerspanel’s state-of-the-art data center located near London, UK. It is owned by the well-known UK company Pulsant, which provides the necessary physical environment to keep the servers up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

24/7/365 cPanel RESELLER SUPPORT


Resellerspanel provides a 24x7x365 support service to you as their valued cPanel partner. Whenever you need help setting up your hosting store using the cPanel Control Panel or configuring packages for your customers using the WHM tool, you can get in touch with Resellerspanel’s well-experienced reseller support team. They will get back to you within one hour at the latest.

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