Celebrate ResellersPanel’s 15th anniversary with a great .EU promo offer for free reseller hosting partners!


15 Years Providing Free Reseller Hosting!

Resellerspanel, providing free reseller hosting, is celebrating their 15th anniversary and free reseller partners canresellerspanel-15th-anniversary-free-reseller-hosting-business register their new .EU domain for 10 years for $15.00 USD! You heard right 10 years for $15.00!

15 years of reaching new service milestones.

15 years of trying hard to fulfil their dream – namely to make reseller hosting affordable for everyone.

Resellerpanel’s 15th anniversary is the perfect time to look back on what they’ve been through.

It’s been 15 years since their first project was brought to life.

Back then, Resellerspanel had a tiny website and a huge goal – to let the world know that they have a special solution for running a web hosting company from the comfort of your own home.

With no tech skills and no upfront reseller charges required whatsoever from their free reseller hosting partners!


After just one year, Resellerspanel welcomed their 10,000th partner aboard!

Over the years, Resellerspanel tried their best to keep up with the current marketing trends – they kept upgrading their system and building up their hosting portfolio so as to give their hosting partners a more competitive edge on the hosting market.

Today, 15 years later, Resellerspanel is blessed to have customers from 195 countries thanks to their free reseller partners persistent marketing efforts!

So, Resellerspanel is now offering all free reseller partners a special birthday gift – the opportunity to register your desired .EU domain name for 10 years in a row at the unheard of price of $15.00 USD!

This exclusive offer will be available in all reseller hosting partners Reseller Control Panel only until April 13th, 2018.

To make use of it, you should just sign up as a free hosting reseller or existing free hosting resellers log into your reseller dashboard and select a preferred domain for your business or side project!


Also, Resellerspanel would like to share with you their anniversary dedicated infographic, which focuses on 15 selected milestones in ResellersPanel’s history and to thank all free reseller hosting partners for their continued support and valuable feedback over the years!


Free Reseller Hosting Established 15 Years Sign Up Today!

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