Beware Of Domain Renewal Spam Messages In Email Or Postal Mail


Domain Renewal Spam Messages In Email Or Postal Mail

This is an older post from a couple of years ago that’s being revisited just because I still get the occasional spam email or spam-domain-renewal-email-postal-mailpostal mail to either renew or transfer several domains I own to this day. This is still a good read for all domain name owners to protect themselves along with their domain names and educational!

Misleading domain renewal spam email or postal mail sent on behalf of “Domain SEO Service Registration Corp” and – or other shady companies has been flooding the email and postal mail sphere’s over the past years till now.

These are carefully crafted fake notices aimed at tricking domain name owners into, in fact, paying for ‘SEO’ services under a ‘domain renewal’ disguise.

The entity behind those emails or postal mail notices is, of course, neither a SEO, nor a domain registration company.

However, those emails and postal mails do keep doing the rounds, so make sure you ignore them at all costs.

What do these spam emails postal mails look like?

To give you a clear a picture of how a spam message or postal mail like this looks like, here is an example of what I have personally received in the past.


Here’s a zoomed-in look at the small-print text at the bottom of the message stating that the email is actually not a domain registration renewal notice and that it is allegedly coming from a Search Engine Optimization company based in Florida:


A quick admin scan of the email shows that the notice is coming from a hacked email through an SMTP server in China.

Also, the contained links are pointing to apparently spam sites, which feature all the warning bells and whistles you could think of.

If you or any of our customers are getting those messages, make sure that you do not click on anything, including the Unsubscribe link.

Also, you should never trust emails that are asking you to “Act immediately”, to use the typical spam language.

As for our own domain renewal procedure – we are sending you 4 domain expiration messages on behalf of DoneRite Domain Name Services 1 month before the expiration date, 2 weeks before the expiration date, on the expiration date itself, as well as 15 days after the expiration date. Plus, we also post a special renewal reminder in your Control Panel.

How to protect your details from Domain Name Spammers?

How do spammers get to know your email address and personal details? Well, as soon as you register a domain name somewhere, your personal details become publicly available, which means that anyone who performs a simple Whois lookup can see them.

The most spam proof way to make your personal and domain name details publicly inaccessible is to resort to a Whois protection service.

This feature can be added either at the time of domain name registration or afterwards.

NOTE: Our Whois protection service is available with all common gTLDs, as well as with a few ccTLDs. Check out which TLDs support the Whois privacy feature.

Thanks for reading and hope this helps someone
Charles Brown
DoneRite Domain Name Services


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