Alternate Hosting Control Panel Hepsia Versus Cpanel


Alternate Hosting Control Panel Hepsia Versus Cpanel


The cPanel Control Panel used to be the undisputed pioneer amongst web hosting management user interfaces some time ago. Once shared hosting gained popularity, the cPanel system couldn’t adapt to the new circumstances and suit the demands of the evolving hosting market anymore.

The DoneRite Domain Name Services Hepsia Hosting Control Panel was developed to work on a cloud website hosting setup and can easily fairly quickly be scaled every time a fresh capability is introduced. It is a 1 stop website management solution for managing your online presence in addition to your domains, websites, billing as well as your support tickets.

1. Domain – billing – web site tools

alternate-hosting-control-panel-hepsia-loginThe DoneRite Domain Name Services Hosting Control Panel helps you to effortlessly command your domains, mailboxes and web sites with just a click of the mouse. In this manner, it will be easy to control all aspects of your online presence from 1 interface. Try our 30 day free hosting trial!


The cPanel Control Panel does not provide concurrent handling of domain names and websites. You have one invoicing panel for your domain names and invoices, and yet another Control Panel for your web sites.

2. Simplified File Structure


With the DoneRite Domain Name Services Control Panel, each web address and subdomain will have its folder in the main website hosting account folder. That way, all sites are going to be independent from each other. Try our 30 day free hosting trial!


If you attempt to look after a variety of websites from a single cPanel account, it can be quite difficult. You have just one principal website and all of the additional web sites and subdomains will be included into its directory as sub–folders. If you wish to have an individual directory for each individual site, you will have to work with different Control Panel tools for each of them.

3. Easy To Use File Manager


The DoneRite Domain Name Services Control Panel features a comfortable File Manager, which allows you to post files simply by dragging them in the browser. You’ll be given comfortable access to all the characteristics via handy right–click context menus. You should as well apply program code and WYSIWYG editors. All characteristics are are super easy to apply. Try our 30 day free hosting trial!



cPanel’s File Manager provides you with restricted control over your files and directories. You will have difficulty adding many different files at a time and will not have the capacity to drag and drop files since this functionality is just not supported. An archive/unarchive functionality isn’t made available either. File modifying tools are also very limited.

4. Zero Cost Extras


The DoneRite Domain Name Services Control Panel is managed by our company and offers a rich variety of free–of–cost bonus features that will typically cost over $1000 USD with many other businesses. You will get access to countless cost free layout themes, the Instant Website Installer, Web Apps, a PHP Framework Installer, a selection of Advanced Applications, and so on. Try our 30 day free hosting trial!


Each website hosting company offering cPanel decides on their own what cost–free extras to to use in your hosting plan. Also, since cPanel is a paid Control Panel, the zero–cost bonus features also need to be covered by the website hosting supplier. This will certainly boost the cost of your hosting package, so the complimentary bonus features listed in your package will in fact be paid for.

5. Comparing Control Panel Rates of Performance


The DoneRite Domain Name Services Control Panel operates with our in–house built shared hosting. It has been optimized to function on our setup of equipment components and also to function with our selection of software tools. This makes it perform a lot faster when compared with virtually any Control Panel tool out there. And it is safer in terms of security as well. Try our 30 day free hosting trial!


The cPanel Control Panel is configured on numerous machines, working on a selection of hardware and software setups. Nevertheless, its widespread distribution ends in much sluggish and less protected functionality compared to similar site management tools that have been optimized for one system only.

6. Multi domain Controls


The DoneRite Domain Name Services Control Panel gives you a exclusive solution to control multiple domains and web sites from a single intuitive user interface. Domain management is simple and switching to web site management means you only need to move to another area of the Control Panel solution. Try our 30 day free hosting trial!


The cPanel Control Panel keeps things isolated – you’ll have to handle your domain names from 1 web address and your web sites from another. Each website possesses its own Control Panel. Maintaining a number of sites from one Control Panel is also possible, but could be embarrassing because all of the added domain names will be held in the directory of the primary domain.

7. Hosting Control Panel Navigation


Using the DoneRite Domain Name Services Control Panel, you are able to quickly browse from one section to another utilizing our useful top navigation bar. It features links to each part of the Control Panel in addition to a brief explanation of what exactly you can do there. In this way, even if you do not know very well what the specific area signifies, you will have the capacity to fairly quickly get acquainted with its capabilities. Try our 30 day free hosting trial!


The cPanel Control Panel shows all available icons in the main page, meaning that it is not adapted to your specific demands. Additionally, right after you access a menu, you are not able to instantly change to a different one and need to to return to the home page alternatively. This type of navigation could be quite troublesome for you, especially if you work with lots of Control Panel sections every time you change your sites.

8. Demo Control Panel Accounts


With the DoneRite Domain Name Services Control Panel, we have put together a feature–rich demo account for you to preview in advance of sign–up. You will get access to a test shared hosting account where you can easily set up email addresses, mount web apps, make new sub–domains, and also make a website with any of DoneRite Domain Name Services’s site builders, and so forth. If you like what you have created – you you can easily sign up through the demo account and keep everything you have created thus far. Update – We now provide a full blown 30 day free hosting trial available to everyone!


From the demo hosting account of the cPanel Control Panel, you can solely become familiar with appearance of the user interface. Nearly all features are disabled and you also cannot in fact get past the main page. With the majority of web hosting suppliers, you will be given entry to a generic cPanel demo version, and won’t have the option to experience the Control Panel you’ll actually be making use of to look after your websites if you sign up.

With the DoneRite Domain Name Services Control Panel, handling your sites will be simple and enjoyable. Simply take a peek at DoneRite Domain Name Services’s Web Control Panel demo or take our 30 day free hosting trial and investigate the available services and tools to see for yourself.

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