100% Free Reseller Hosting Theme

100% Free Reseller Hosting Theme

Store Master Free Reseller Hosting Theme Advantages

Resellerspanel has really put a lot of time and effort into developing a free reseller hosting theme for everyone that is easy to use and most important you can add your own custom reseller message on almost every page of your new free reseller hosting theme. The only drawback is you can only use it to resell Resellerspanel’s own hosting services. Truthfully, that’s not a bad thing as resellerspanel offers some pretty solid hosting and domain services and you can signup free then start reselling hosting services with zero dollars out of your pocket in theory. Well come on people, if you want a domain name for your site you will have to pay for that ;).

Designed To Be Responsive

Your free online reseller hosting store will automatically fit into any screen size – from HD monitors to small-screen smartphones.

Customizable Hosting Reseller Store Layout

You can fully customize the layout of any page and re-arrange its contents the way you like.

Unique Hosting Reseller Content

Your free online reseller hosting store will have its own, 100% unique content from the very start and you’ll be able to edit it with ease.

SEO Optimized For Reseller Hosting

Each page is fully SEO-optimized for reseller hosting and selling domain names, in sync with all the other pages on your store, which makes it perfectly competitive in the reseller hosting industry right from the start.


Easy To Manage Reseller Hosting Theme

You can make modifications and view them live through a user-friendly, point-and-click interface.

100% Free Reseller Hosting Theme

The Store Master reseller hosting theme is 100% free to use. All customization options and layout controls will be unlocked for you right after signup.

100% Responsive Reseller Hosting Theme Design


Their new free reseller hosting theme design is fully responsive and will adapt itself to all common screen resolutions, platforms and orientation types. Now your store will have the capacity to automatically respond to your customers’ browsing preferences and thus to offer an optimal viewing experience and hence – higher customer engagement and lower bounce rates.

This responsive free reseller hosting theme will ensure easy reading and smooth navigation with a minimum of resizing and scrolling, across a wide range of devices – from desktop computer monitors to tablets and mobile phones. Say hello to more hosting account sales!

Fully Customizable Reseller Hosting Theme Layout.


Now you will have 100% control over the layout of your free reseller hosting web hosting store. Using the template’s point-and-click layout controls, you will be able to re-shape your store theme from top to bottom, with no special web design or technical skills required. You’ll have the ability to customize your template just as easily as you’d customize a mobile application, for example.

All the changes that you make will be visualized for you in real time in a preview box, with an option to select a resolution based on a particular device (PC, tablet or mobile phone).

250+ color themes to choose from

Select your reseller hosting store’s layout

You can select a full-width layout or a layout with a sidebar on the left or right

Organize your home page

Modify the layout of your home page using simple drag-and-drop actions.

Organize your main menu

Organize the main menu and its subpages in accordance with your reseller hosting marketing strategy.

Edit your free reseller hosting store´s footer

Define the layout of the footer menu – arrange the columns with drag-and-drop actions and show/hide specific columns.

Various Branding Options

Place your logo in the header

Promote your brand using plain text or HTML code, or by uploading a custom banner (static or Flash).

Upload your own favicon

Upload your logo, so your clients can see your brand in their browsers.

Edit your contact details

Choose what contact details you´d like to be displayed in the footer area – phone numbers (US, UK, Australian, international), a fax number and/or an email address.

Select the font family for your reseller hosting site

Choose a default or a generic font family – select one from Google, or set your own custom font family.


Edit the page content

Through the inline editing functionality, you can change any text the way you want. Just click on the Edit icon next to a text chunk and edit the text like you’d edit a Word file.

Edit metadata

Edit the meta information for your pages, including titles, descriptions and keywords. Also, you can edit the URL address of each page to further optimize it in tune with the selected keyword(s).

SEO Optimized Reseller Hosting Web Pages


Each page on your store will be fully optimized around a certain top keyword or phrase. The keyword will be featured in all basic elements of the page – the URL, the metadata, the <h1> title and the content. This way, your site will be fully eligible to compete for a top position in search engines right from the start.

After kickoff, we’ll be updating your store automatically at regular intervals. We’ll add new pages and content periodically to make search engines know that your site is evolving and needs special attention.



Тhe theme comes with an in-built admin panel through which you can make all the customizations that you want. You will not have any contact with the code, so managing your web store will be like setting up a social media profile, for example.

However, if you are experienced in web development and want to make some tweaks to the page formatting, you can use the inline text editor tool and change the code directly. If you need assistance with the theme, you can contact resellerspanel for support 24/7/365.

Reseller Hosting Theme Available For Free

This new theme is available to you for free and will be hosted on resellerspanel servers at no charge. All you need to do is become a member of our reseller hosting program and select the theme for your store from your Reseller Control Panel.

There will be no hidden fees or maintenance costs for you after setting up your new free reseller hosting store. resellerspanel will give you a ready to go reseller hosting theme for free, so that you can save both money and time and dedicate all your personal resources to building a winning marketing strategy for your hosting business.

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